Walking through the Jungle!!!

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This week in Reception we have been reading the story Walking through the Jungle. During Literacy the children used the tales toolkit symbols to write about the main character, the setting, the problem and the solution, we also used Pie Corbett actions to act out our story. On forest Friday the children went on their own adventure 'Walking in the school yard' they put on their explorer hats and magnifying glasses and explored the school looking for bugs. The children found worms, woodlice, slugs, spiders, snails and ants.

As part of our topic title this term, 'Our amazing world' ...

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...we have been looking at animals and people who help us through using books to hook children into discussions and ideas by encouraging their imagination. This week children have enjoyed exploring job roles by using the outfits outdoors to create a storyline in their play. See what you can think about at home, which people who help us can you see this weekend?
Mud painting on treetop Tuesday was a big hit. The children really used their own Ida's to create their own marks. We had hand and foot prints along with smaller more detailed marks using fingers and twigs which they found. #lovemud!
In Early Years we love sharing stories, the children are really enjoying and emerging themselves in our whole school challenge, sharing stories with the younger ones, revisiting old favourites and acting them out through play. Have a great weekend and don't forget to send your #shelfie to print off! Hank you, Miss Ollivant.

Fine motor skills, freezing and fruit party Friday!

Fine motor skills, freezing and fruit party Friday!

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The children have been perfecting their fine motor skills his week by utilising their hand strength through building. Their imagination really shines through when using the Lego and wooden blocks to create their own models. Is this something your child likes to do at home?
We have experienced some really cold weather this week and the children always love exploring. The freezing temperatures left ice and when we returned to find snow, the children were super excited to leave their marks and see what they could see and hear outdoors.
The children have worked very hard on their first 2 weeks back, earning their ants to build up their army by working as a team in class challenges. The children decided for their treat they would like nice things to eat and their suggestions were amazing...apples, strawberries, grapes and chocolate. So I gathered what we needed and for our fruit party, children used knives to safely cut and thread their fruit onto their skewers before drizzling with chocolate. As you can see from the photos, they were a big hit!

Forest Friday!!!

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This week we had our first forest Friday session of 2018 and what a day we had. One of our activities was den building, Den building is a great way for children to develop their Personal, social and emotional development. It tests their turn taking skills, builds their confidence and gives them opportunities to compromise and problem solve. We also went up to the KS2 banking and made mud monster paintings and told our own mud monster stories. 

Forest Friday will be every Friday so don't forget your wellies and warm clothes.


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