Welly Wednesday

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The children are becoming more independent in using the forest area, accessing different activities to the indoors environment. This week a group of children used the area to act out their own role play ideas, being characters and designing their own storyline together.

The mud kitchen is always a big hit, where children can explore mud, in its different consistencies and use their imagination to cook and create with it. It really is amazing to watch what they come up with!

The outdoors of course is always a great place to explore wildlife, nature and be with friends. This week we looked at our gardens, found some mini-beasts and sifted the soil using our sieves.

Why not explore outdoors this weekend, see what you can find, make a mud pie, have fun!


Handa's Surprise

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The children were very surprised to find a fruit delivery in our classroom on Monday morning and they quickly linked it to the main character in our story of the week.We really enjoyed tasting the fruit and using our words to describe how it tasted, some were new fruits and tastes to some children. Some very kind children even decided to try and write a thank you letter to Handa.

Later on in the week we noticed our tadpoles had now grown legs so we moved them into a bigger bowl with rocks in so they could climb out of the water too. Children loved ecploring them and using their good looking eyes to see what had changed and learning about what will happen next. See if they can remember...?

Forest Fridays!

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This week on Forest Friday we used our observational skills and went on a bug hunt. We started our hunt in the mud area as this is the best place to start looking for wildlife, especially bugs. We learned more about living things and their habitats and we recorded the data we found on our bug hunt worksheet. 

Forest Friday Adventures

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This week our forest Friday adventures took us on a treasure hunt around the school following photographic clues. At the end of the hunt we found a giant teddy bear looking after our treasure. We then joined the teddy for a picnic and story. We read 'It's a Bear' by Jez Alborough, Eddie didn't want to go for a picnic in the woods with his mum because he was scared of the bear! Our bear was friendly though so we let him share our picnic. We had peppers, cucumber, hummous and chocolate marshmallows it was yummy.


'The Enormous Turnip'

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This week in Reception our Literacy was focused around the story 'The Enormous Turnip' On Monday we arrived at school to find some turnip seeds for us to plant and some other vegetables to taste. All the children loved tasting the vegetables and even tried new things. We then used our Maths to work out which vegetable we liked the most and which vegetable we liked the least. In order for us to plant the turnip seeds we first needed to clear out all the weeds from the bedding boxes, the children loved getting stuck in and helping with this.


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