Our Vision

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Our Vision

Worsbrough  Bank  End  Primary  is  a  ␣can  do  school␣  where    we  find  ways  to  help  everybody  reach   their  potential,  because  every  person  really  matters.-­‐Vision  Statement  2011  

Dear  Parents  and  Carers  

It  is  with  great  delight  that  I  introduce  myself  to  you  as  the  Headteacher  of  Bank  End  Primary.      

I  believe  that  all  children  are  incredibly  important,  as  such  I  have  devoted  my  working  life  so  far  to  the   protection  and  education  of  children  from  many  different  communities.    One  thing  that  I  have  learned  over   that  period  of  time  is  that  by  working  in  partnership  with  parents  and  carers,  children  get  the  best.      

The  best  possible  care.
The  best  possible  support.
The  best  possible  education.
And  the  best  possible  opportunity  to  achieve  to  their  potential.

Every  parent  wants  the  best  for  their  child,  nobody  sets  out  wanting  their  child  to  not  achieve,  but  sometimes   we  forget  how  much  encouragement  and  support  our  children  need.    That  is  where  our  partnership  will   become  very  important.    I  am  passionate  about  learning  and  believe  that  learning  is  the  key  to  securing  a   future  that  will  be  happy  and  successful.  I  believe  that  to  be  able  to  learn  children  need  to  be  happy,   confident,  understand  themselves,  understand  their  feelings  and  know  how  to  get  on  with  each  other  and   make  friends.  By  working  together  we  can  make  sure  that  education  and  care  go  hand  in  hand,  to  give  every   child  an  equal  opportunity  to  be  their  best  selves.  

Since  January  we  have  been  developing  a  curriculum  that  is  exciting  and  purposeful  to  help  children  become   more  motivated  to  learn  achieve  and  attain  so  that  they  can  stand  as  equals  with  others  that  they  will  meet  in   life.    In  order  to  do  this  we  have  3  key  drivers  that  support  all  our  teaching  and  learning.    These  are:  

Ambition           Learning  to  Learn       Ownership                                           

By  making  sure  that  our  children  are  at  the  heart  of  all  our  thoughts  we  hope  that  they  will  thrive  and  become   good  citizens  in  the  future  workplace.  

Enjoy  your  time  at  Bank  End  and  keep  in  touch-­‐  because  together  we  will  make  a  difference!   Nichola  Thorpe