Attendance Matters


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Today children will be bringing home their half termly attendance report. All children at or above target will be receiving a special bookmark as a well done and thank you for trying really hard to be at school on time and every day. Those families of children with 100% attendance for this half term will be entered into a raffle draw to win a family Cinema Ticket. Winners will be contacted by telephone at the end of today.

Every day really does matter! We thank all those families who are working so hard to be such champions for their children’s education and future.

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London’s burning, London’s burning! Fire! Fire!

This week in Reception we have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We started the week learning about where the fire started and why it spread so quickly. We focused one of our broader curriculum sessions on I.C.T. We tinkered with the beebots; guiding them around the Great Fire of London mat. Also in Reception this week we celebrated our first amazing Bronze award readers, with many more soon to follow. Well done everyone and thank- you for your continued support with reading at home. Hope you all have a fabulous well deserved break.
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Creative in Y4…

Year 4 really enjoyed their creative curriculum afternoon on Wednesday using different research methods and presentation techniques to deepen their understanding of the Ancient Egyptians. 

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Silver and bronze readers from year 5!

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This week in Nursery we have used our exploratory skills for colour mixing with powder paint and play dough.

 We have been introduced to Bee Bot the interactive robot, learning how to programmers him to follow steps to get from point to another.
Continuing on our topic of people who help us we have looked at different foods, completing an experiment showing how important it is to brush our teeth. See if your child can tell you how we did this.

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Busy Bees 

Year 6 have had an incredibly busy week. Despite this being the last week before the holiday, they have continued to work their socks off in school. We have had so many children reading at home and this has meant that over half of the class have earned their bronze reading award. This good news kicked off our final week. To follow, we had an extra special treat, where we visited Barnsley Academy to see a stunning performance by the secondary students. It was amazing! Then to top off this week we have worked super well in science to develop our understanding and learning around Living Things. We made bread dough to observe micro-organisms at work. Do you know which micro-organism we mean?

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Addition and Subtraction

This week we have been working on our addition and subtraction skills. We have been learning to read, write and interpret calculations involving the addition sign and subtraction sign. We have been using numicon to explore number bonds to 10 and worked on perfecting our recording skills. We then worked on subtraction using skittles in the outdoor area. We needed to use the subtraction sign to show how many skittles were knocked down and work out how many skittles remained standing.

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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This week we went on a bear hunt. We worked outside and explored moving in different ways to show how we would travel through different things such as long wavy grass, thick oozy mud as well as a swirling whirling snowstorm. During literacy we focused our writing on the story events while applying knowledge of a range of graphemes. During numeracy we worked on our number bonds to 10. We found lots of different ways to make 10. We celebrated our reading champions this week as a number of us have now achieved our bronze reading certificates. I wonder how many more reading champions we will have by the end of next week. Keep going Year One, you can do it!

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Fire Fire Fire Fire!!!! 

This week in Reception we started our new topic ‘fire, fights and festivals’ and went fire fighter crazy. The children engaged in imaginative role play rescuing animals from burning buildings and they used a variety of resources and materials to make models and pictures of fire engines. In maths we put fire engines with numerals 1-6 in order and matched the correct amount of fire balls to the fire engines, to extend this further Miss Newton swopped 2 fire engines around to see if we could spot the mistake. 
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Year 4 Reading…

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All about Autumn

This week in Nursery we have begun our learning Journey about Autumn. Children have explored Autumn colours for painting, went on a walk to hunt for signs of Autumn around school and investigated these further in the classroom. Together with the help of Miss Ollivant we searched the Internet to find out we have a sweet chestnut tree in School. Take a look at our learning wall in the classroom to see what we have done so far.
Also this week we have introduced the larger topic of People who help us, starting with the dentist. Children have particularly enjoyed the role play area where they have taken turns to be the dentist and patients. We look forward to exploring this a it further next week.

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Ambient Minds

This week, Year 6 have all been fast asleep in class! No, not really. We don’t have time for that. In fact, we have been practising techniques to help us to feel calm and revitalised. We are finding that mediation and relaxation help to refocus the mind and allow for optimum learning.  Meditation is known to:

  • reduce stress
  • improve concentration
  • increase self-awareness
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We have had another busy week in reception…

 The book of the week has been The Ginger Bread Man and we have learnt this story by heart. On Monday we had ginger play dough that smelt good enough to eat and on Tuesday we had ginger bread biscuits for snack…most of us enjoyed them!

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The Plague

This week saw the launch of our new history topic – The Great Plague! We started the week learning about what caused of the great plague. We looked at and touched a range of artefacts including the plague doctors outfit, mask and gloves. During creative curriculum we focused our art work on the different artefacts and explored a range of media. In maths we continued to build on our understanding of place value focusing this week on one more and one less and knowing these processes create addition and subtraction calculations. We then looked at comparing groups of objects to identify which had more and which had less before using this knowledge to compare numbers using the language less than and greater than.

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