Newsletter Summer Term 2017

Newsletter ST 2017



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School Holiday Dates…

School Holiday Dates 2016-17


DATES 2016 – 17 click to enlarge for printing

Dear Families

For your information, here are the holiday dates for the rest of the school academic year 2016-2017. All dates are inclusive.

  • Easter Holidays Saturday 8th April 2017 – Monday 24th April 2017
  • May Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2017
  • Spring Bank Half Term Holiday Saturday 27th May 2017 – Sunday 4th June 2017
  • Summer Holiday Friday 21st July 2017 – Tuesday 5th September 2017 

Below is a break-down to explain the holiday dates shown above:

  • Friday 7th April 2017: Last day of Spring Term 2
  • Monday 24th April 2017: INSET day School closed to children
  • Tuesday 25th April 2017: First day of Summer Term 1
  • Monday 1st May 2017: Bank Holiday School Closed
  • Friday 26th May 2017: Last day of Summer Term 1
  • Monday 5th June 2017: First day of Summer Term 2
  • Friday 21st  July 2017: Last day of Summer Term 2. Early Finish at 1:30pm.
  • Monday 4th September 2017: INSET day school closed to children
  • Tuesday 5th September 2017: INSET day school closed to children
  • Wednesday 6th September 2017: First day of Autumn Term 1 2017


Please take note that there is a change to an INSET day communicated on our Term Date Cards previously circulated. To confirm, school will now be open on Wednesday 4th January 2017 and closed on Monday 24th April 2017.

If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to contact me here at school.

School Holiday Dates 2017-18


DATES 2017 -18 click to enlarge for printing


Dear parents and carers,

On behalf of the Bank End and Hunningley Primary School Governors, I would like to inform you that both schools will close two days earlier than initially planned at the end of the summer term. The schools will close on Friday 21st July. The decision to close has not been taken lightly and made for the following reasons:

  1. Both Horizon and Barnsley Academy will be closed and therefore all Y6 children are expected to return to their primaries. Last year this was the case and only two children returned meaning that 70 children had unauthorised absences for two days.
  2. To support building and maintenance work being done in both schools.
  3. To give staff additional training

In order to give you advance notice of school closure dates for 2017/2018 on the reverse of this letter there are the dates for the Barnsley School Holidays. Additional school closure days for staff training will be:

Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th September 2017
Friday 22nd December 2017
Monday 4th June 2018
Monday 23rd July 2018

Please put these in your diary or on your calendar.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Nic Thorpe
Executive Headteacher-The Bank End and Hunningley Partnership

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Wild Waters Immersion!

Year 5 had the amazing experience of a walking tour this week when they journeyed from school to the bottom of West Street to visit the River Dover and the surrounding countryside! The topic this term is Wild Waters so as part of the immersion phase, the children needed to see where their local waterways were and examine the use of the land around them. Who uses this area and how is it used? The children explored the remains of the old canal, the river itself and some ponds and ascertained what the main problems are that affect this under-appreciated area. The bad weather held off for a few hours also, so we were very lucky!

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Mindfulness in Year One

Wednesday we started the day with a mindfulness workshop. We learned how to manage our stress and worries through a range of techniques. We pictured ourselves in the garden planting seeds and taking some time out. We then went to the beach and worked on being positive through a range of seaside activities such as swimming, building castles and playing beach tennis. We also discussed what we like about each other.  Our final stop was the breathing hospital where we learned about taking deep breaths to relax and stay calm.

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This week saw the launch into our new curriculum topic. Our immersion day included dressing as our favourite story characters and a very baffling police crime scene. Someone, or something, has caused havoc in our classroom making a mess and leaving behind some interesting thought provoking clues. We became detectives for the day and completed a case file containing all the clues we could find and our own prediction of who the suspect might be together with our own reasoning. During the afternoon we had a break from our detective role and learned about the artist Andy Goldsworthy who produces some amazing artwork using natural materials. We really enjoyed creating our own masterpieces in the style of Andy Goldsworthy paying close attention when selecting materials as well as to the shapes, colours and patterns we created.

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Year 5 Walking trip to River Dove

Don’t forget that Year 5 are walking down to the River Dove (near the bottom of West Street) in Worsbrough, on Tuesday morning 25th April, as part of their immersion into the new topic Wild Waters!

As per the letter, children need to arrive at school as normal on Tuesday in uniform with suitable coats and footwear for the weather (which looks to be cold).

We’ll set off at 9:30am and return for about 11:00am.

Thanks, Mr Cooper.

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Don’t forget …

Year One are invited to dress up tomorrow, Tuesday 25th April 2017, for the immersion day into our new topic. Children can wear a costume from any fairy tale or traditional story.

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We had a very successful Bravo Reward Event in school this week. Children who had earned 800 Bravo Points or more were invited to ‘cash in’ these points to attend our Spring Term Celebration. Children and staff had a wonderful time and enjoyed all kinds of activities. Children will be having an assembly next term to calculate and set the next target of points for the Summer Term reward.


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Wishing you all a restful holiday and a wonderful Easter! 

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This week has been so much fun for Year 4. We have been on a Spring Watch walk and have been carrying out lots of fun Easter Activities including acting out the Last Supper. 

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In the Swim…

Year 4 have really been enjoying their swimming lessons and have made some excellent progress. Lots of children this week have earned awards, with many more badges and certificates to come next week. Keep it up Year 4, you never know we could have the latest Olympic champion in our midst! We have some children who have been adding to their collection of badges through private lessons as well.  Massive congratulations to you all!

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The children all had an amazing time at the Bravo event, even though we did get really chocolatey! Well done to you all for earning 800 bravo points or more!

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Meeting the Penguins at Harewood House

This week year one met the Penguins on their visit to Harewood House. They learned lots of new information about penguins including how their colour acts as camouflage from predators, how they sweat in order to cool down when they are warm and how they swim using their flippers and steer using their feet. The children also visited the house itself and were keen to see and learn about how different victorian classes lived in the state house and ‘below stairs’. They loved dressing up in the different costumes including that worn by the chef, butler, maid and governess.

Well done year one, we are all so proud of you!

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This week, the children in year 5 have been finding out about the religious origins of Easter.

The story of Jesus was revised and the events of the betrayal by Judas, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Ascension were explored through drama, freeze framing and storyboarding. This afternoon, the children were hoodwinked into constructing Easter baskets for twenty-seven other children in another school.  After lovingly cutting, colouring and sticking all the baskets, I finally let them into the secret that they had actually been created for themselves!

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Transition to Secondary

Over the past three weeks, Year 6 have had peer mentoring sessions with student ambassadors from Barnsley Academy. The aim of these meetings has been to allow the children to ask questions about their transition to secondary school and also to build relationships with the academy students. The children have throughly enjoyed this experience and have expressed that it has been beneficial in preparing them for the future.

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Farm to fork…

This week in Early Years we have enjoyed our first trip out of School. The children were so excited to get on ‘the big white bus’ and go to Tescos at Hoyland to take part in an explore the store trail. Danielle took the children around the store where we learnt a little bit more about where food comes from. 
We are so proud of the children, for their patience and good listening skills before and during the trip. They were a real credit to the School!

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It has been a very Eggsiting week in EYFS this week.

 We have waited patiently for 21 days for our eggs to hatch and Finally on Wednesday we arrived at school to our first hatched chick, throughout the day we got to see more chicks hatch and by Thursday we had 6 little fluffy cute chicks. The children wrote name ideas on postit notes and we drew the deciding names out of the basket. The chick were named; Pepsi, Cola, Flufee, Ruby, Speedy and Cyooti Cyooti.

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