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Reading Champions…

Dear families,

This year we are having a massive push forward on supporting children to be fluent and confident readers.  You will notice that every child has a quality individual reading book and I will be sending them home with a bag for them to carry their book in. Look out for it, it’s in their house colour and should be with you by the end of next week.

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School Office…

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-09-24-21Dear families,

I wanted to inform and remind families of the school routines that help us to be supportive and yet run the school efficiently at the same time.

Dinner Monies
All dinner money should be sent to school in a named envelope and handed in to the class teacher. Dinner money costs:

£1.75 a day

£8.75 a week

Milk Monies
Milk costs £11 per term. Please put this in a named envelope and hand it to the class teacher.

Top Ups
Nursery top ups cost £6 per session. This should put in a named envelope marked ‘top up’ and handed in to the Nursery staff.

Parent Support Advisor Drop Ins
If you need to see Kirstie Phillip for a query or some support you may ‘drop in’ to see her on a Monday from 3.30-4.30 or a Wednesday from 9.30-11.30. Should you have a more urgent need to speak to someone please ring the school office on 01226282549 and ask to make an urgent appointment. If Kirstie is not available either myself or Miss Barker will see you as soon as is possible.

Contacting the School Office
To support the efficient running of the school and wherever possible please try to avoid unnecessary calls to school. Please check the school website and or Facebook for newsletter and other important information. Also, unless there is a medical need, children should not be picked up early from school.

PLEASE NOTE: The School Office is closed to visitors between 12:15 and 1pm.

Thank you for your continued support,

Nic Thorpe

Executive Headteacher

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Parent consultation meeting Monday 17th October 2016.

bankendlogo2017Dear Parents and Carers

We will be holding pupil consultation meetings on Monday 17th October 2016 for all children in Reception, KS1 and KS2.

*Nursery appointments will be arranged separately for Tuesday 18th October with Miss Ollivant. Watch out for a separate letter.*

In these meetings we will share with you how well your child/children’s learning, in the new curriculum, is doing.  It is very important that you understand how your child is progressing so that you can support them and us with anything that needs to improve. We also want   you to feel really proud of their behaviour and the friendships they have

It is very important that you are able to attend to meet with your child/children’s teacher so that we can become a strong partnership to secure a happy and successful future for all the children in our care. If you are unable to attend on the day specified, please ring the school office to make an appointment for you on another suitable occasion.  Failing that, please see the teacher concerned to arrange with them.

On the Monday 17th October 2016 the school library will be open for you to choose a book with your child.

Please click on the image or the link below, print out the letter then you can fill in the appointment request on page 2 and return it to your child’s class teacher as soon as possible.

Many thanks for your continued support!

Nichola Thorpe- Executive Headteacher                   
Donna Barker-Head of School

Autumn term PPT meetings 2016





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Ribbons, Roald Dahl and Number Bonds

What a busy week we have had in Year One. During Maths we have been extending our number knowledge by looking at number bonds up to 10. We used counters to separate numbers and recorded addition calculations to show the different ways of making numbers. We have focused a lot this week on forming numbers correctly. During PE we continued to explore movement to music using ribbons. We experimented in making different shapes and sizes in our movements including wide and tall as well as making ourselves small while learning how to travel.

Friday saw our huge Roald Dahl celebration. We enjoyed dressing as different characters from Roald Dahl’s amazing stories. We focused our art work on George and learnt how to use watercolours, pastels and oil pastels. Finally, we completed our final piece of writing based on George’s Marvellous Medicine.

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This week in Reception we have been learning how to mix colours together to make new colours.

In art we used red, yellow and blue to mix brown and green. During our continuous provision we used these skills and experimented further to see what other colours we could 
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Roald Dahl – The Enormous Crocodile

This week in Nursery we have enjoyed lots of Crocodile themed activities. We worked together to make a large crocodile in the construction and made individual croc biscuits to take home. Friday was lots of fun and we all looked smart, sharing our Roald Dahl fancy dress ideas.

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Cameroon On The Banking!

In Y3, we have been finding out about life in Cameroon. This week, we looked at some of the mud hut designs that can be seen there. We worked in teams to make some structures for our own mud huts, using things that we found on the banking. 

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Place Value and Bossy Grannies

This week we have continued reading George’s Marvellous Medicine. On Monday we worked in pairs taking on the roles of George and Grandma and had some very bossy Grannies. This helped us to order the story events while building a bank of adjectives to describe various items. In Maths we have explored place value focusing on numbers 0-10. On Monday we worked in teams to order numbers and practised counting forwards and backwards. During the week we practised these skills with our shoulder partners and played an adapted version of hide and seek when finding missing numbers.

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Stories, bug hunts and buildings!

This week in Nursery we have had lots of fun exploring the different areas indoors and out. We used our listening skills in sharing a story and discussed our ideas and thoughts around the book. During welly Wednesday we searched for mini beasts using our explorers equipment. We found all sorts of insects, big and small. Outdoors in the provision we have mostly enjoyed making assault courses and challenging ourselves to conquer them!




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Bonkers for Conkers


This week in Reception we have followed the children’s interests and have gone totally bonkers for conkers. All week we have been investigating and observing the conkers. We were really excited to open the spiky green cases and discover what colour the conkers would be; some were white, some were brown. We placed the white conkers in the window and watched them gradually change colour to brown. To follow on from this; in our art lesson, we are going to be learning which colours we need to mix green and brown.
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Keep your eyes peeled for some future politicians! 

class-council-003This week Y4 have been growing in confidence as they practised and presented their speeches in the hope of becoming our new School Council Members. Myself and Mr Wood have been so pleased with how they tackled this challenge. They have shown maturity and independence in developing their own speech and practising to make sure it had an impact.



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Year 5 have been working on improving noun phrases this week.

The children have concentrated on identifying nouns within texts then decided on what adjectives could be used to describe them. Once we moved away from the standard, generic adjectives, the children were able to use a lot more complex words, even venturing into copying Roald Dahl’s way of using alliteration!

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The Sticky Hat Method


Year 6 are currently enjoying an incredible book written by Roald Dahl – Danny Champion of the World. In case you didn’t know, the book is all about a father and son who poach pheasants from a very pretentious character named Victor Hazell. One of the methods that the duo use, is called The Sticky Hat. This week, the children have recreated this method themselves and have written a clear guide for poachers on how to catch pheasants successfully and humanely. This is them trying out the method in the KS2 yard.

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headliceFamilies, please be aware that there have been some cases of Head lice in School recently. Please help us to avoid this by checking your children’s hair regularly and treating any cases.

There is a useful website here with advice and information on how to detect and treat Head Lice: 

Thank you for your cooperation and support.



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