Summer Safety


Today we had one final assembly to send the children off safely for the Summer Holidays. Here are the 5 Top Tips for a Safe and Happy Summer we have come up with during our work around Safeguarding Awareness: 

  1. Remember who the trusted adults are.
  2. Only play where it is safe and you have permission to.
  3. Always follow the E-Safety Rules when using the internet.
  4. Remember the road safety rules when outside.
  5. Listen to your voice within and always make the right choice.

We wish all our families a wonderful Summer and hope you get to spend it doing the things that make you happy


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Final Letter for 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 18.47.13School Re-Opens on Thursday 8th September 2016

Dear families

I wanted to share one final letter with you before we break for the summer.

When I look back on the school year, I do so with particular fondness on all the different events that we have shared with you. From Christmas in Church to our Summer Fayre last week, every event we have organised has been so well supported by you as parents and carers. It is your support that makes our community stronger. I am proud to lead Bank End for you and look forward to the next academic year where we can build upon everything we have achieved before and press on further.

I wanted to thank you for all your support and say what a fantastic job I think we have done together to meet the needs of the new curriculum in preparing the children for the next stage in their journey.  I know it has been difficult understanding the changes and I know some of you will have noticed that more both in Barnsley and nationally have not met the standards that the Government have set for children. However, I want to promise you that we will work hard in creative ways to try to meet the standards without making school life unenjoyable. We believe primary school years should be the best years of a child’s life and I promise you that I will drive that principle forward again this year.

The most challenging part of my job this year has been to continue to improve the school with what has been a very challenging budget. So, thank you for all your contributions to gardening club, the holiday clubs and buying so many raffle tickets at all our events as all those funds have supported us to make great plans in school for the coming year.

Unfortunately, I am unable to continue with Breakfast Club unless the cost increases substantially. The price of 50p has been the same for 11 years and with the current numbers of children attending, I am unable to afford the amount of staffing required alongside the price of the food. Consequently, Breakfast Club will cost £1 per child per day from Thursday 8th September 2016.

Finally, have the most fantastic and safe summer. Should you have any difficulties in the summer holidays and need any support from any of us, please don’t hesitate to contact me through FB, the website or on my email.

I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Many thanks for your continued support!

Nic Thorpe-Executive Headteacher

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Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 14.34.04

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Classroom Organisation 2016 

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 17.55.09Dear families,

I am delighted to share with you the classroom organisation for classes for September. We have a very exciting year ahead of us as we bring in new staff and continue to strive forward to give your children an outstanding education.  In terms of Leadership, I will be leading Bank End this year and continuing to support Hunningley for one day per week. Miss Barker will continue to grow into her role as Head of School and strongly lead on Safeguarding and Inclusion. I am sure we will all miss Lauren Johnstone as she starts her very precious maternity leave but she will be back with us in the New Year probably after Christmas. We are also saying goodbye to Rachel Jones, Mike Rooke and Helen Hogg. I personally want to wish them all well and good luck in their next positions.

For our children we are dividing the school into three phases. Due to the changing curriculum, we feel the classes will work better together as follows:

Phase 1 is the Transition Phase and this includes Nursery, Reception and Year 1. The Head of this phase will be Lisa Gagen.

Phase 2 is the Middle Phase and this includes Year 2 and Year 3 and the Head of this phase will be Claire Ward.

Phase 3 is the Upper Phase and this includes Y4/Y5 and Y6 and the Head of this phase will be Kathy Smith.

Classes will be taught as follows:

  • Nursery-Kerry Ollivant
  • Reception-Tracey Newton (new)
  • Year 1-Lisa Gagen
  • Year 2-Claire Ward
  • Year 3- Rebecca Dever and Robert Glover (new trainee teacher)
  • Year 4- Anna Barron (new) and Matt Wood (trainee teacher)
  • Year 5- Dan Cooper
  • Year 6-Kathy Smith

Should you wish to discuss anything with me don’t hesitate to make an appointment through the school office.

Many thanks for your continued support!

Nic Thorpe-Executive Headteacher

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Summer Holiday Clubs 2016

School Closes on Tuesday 19th July 2016 and re-opens on Thursday 8th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 09.19.37This summer we are planning to run a number of clubs over the summer holidays to provide children in KS1 and KS2 some good activities and learning opportunities. We particularly want to support our working families with some additional childcare support as the holidays can be hard to manage.

The following clubs will take place on the following dates:

  1. Holiday Camp-Wednesday 20th/Thursday 21st/Friday 22nd 8am-3pm £5 per day

In this club children will have a number of sporting activities, learn about being healthy, use IPads and computers and have arts and crafts lessons. Can be booked for 1, 2 or 3 days.

  1. Sports Camp-Monday 1st/Tuesday 2nd/Wednesday 3rd/Thursday 4th/Friday 5th 8am-3pm £5 per day. This club is based all around sporting activities and skills learnt. Children must attend all 5 days to be awarded a sports certificate at a ceremony on the Friday.
  2. Holiday Camp– Monday 15th/Tuesday 16th/Wednesday 17th/Thursday 18th/Friday 19th August  8am-3pm £5 per day. In this club children will have a number of sporting activities, learn about being healthy, use IPads and computers and have arts and crafts lessons. Can be booked for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days.
  3. Holiday Camp-Monday 5th /Tuesday 6th /Wednesday 7th September 2016. 8am-3pm £5 per day

In this club children will have a number of sporting activities, learn about being healthy, use IPads and computers and have arts and crafts lessons. Can be booked for 1, 2 or 3 days.

All clubs will require children to bring packed lunched and a water bottle. Fruit and drinks will be provided throughout all clubs as required.

So that I can staff these weeks, I need to know the numbers of children we will have in the school on each of the dates. Please click, print and fill in the slip below and return to school asap.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Nic Thorpe

Executive Headteacher

Holiday Club Summer 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 09.17.55



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Keeping safe in school

This week the children in reception discussed all the things we do in school to keep safe. Each child produced a poster about the different safety measures that are in place within the early years provision. They included rules of the classroom, rules of different areas of the outdoor provision as well as the use of fobs and staff and visitor badges.

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Bee Safe

This week in Year 2 we have done a lot of learning around the theme of safeguarding. We have discussed all of the different things that this can mean and attended assemblies to hear about different people that keep them safe inside and outside of school. We had a really good discussion about safe places to play and the children produced some super posters for other children to help them play safe in the holidays. They have also been finding out more about e-safety. The children created some freeze frames of themselves behaving safely around school.

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How many…?

The new Y5 class have had an interesting week adjusting to the new rules and staff members of the Year 5 team. On Wednesday, they had an activity to find out how many different items there were on the playground according to the instructions given. The activity was similar to the one set on the recent Maths Challenge that required the children to add all of the numbers together and then they’d end up with a magic number. How many children were successful?

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Safeguarding Week

The new Year 5 (old Y4) have experienced a lot of information this week about how they can make themselves safe. We learned how to make ourselves safe online, the dangers of building sites and where we should not play so that we can be safe and how to be vigilant on the streets of where we live. The children also identified places and circumstances in the classroom environment and school where we need to take care. Can you see some of the situations that could present a safeguarding issue?

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Nursery’s end of year celebration

Wow! I am so proud of the children in Nursery this week. They have enjoyed learning the story of The Little Red Hen and practiced so hard to remember it. They were so grown up in presenting their story to parents and receiving their certificates. Thank you for you support with your children’s learning and helping us to celebrate.
Good luck to the children moving into Reception next year and keep up the good work. Well done and I look forward to next year with my new and existing Nursery children.
Thank you, Miss Ollivant.

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Safeguarding Awareness Week

Last week was the Barnsley Safeguarding Awareness Week and today in school we set off our own Bank End Safeguarding Week to develop children’s understanding of this important topic. The children have been introduced to what Safeguarding means and all the things we do to keep ourselves and others safe. This will be followed up throughout the week with more in depth learning around aspects such as E-Safety, Stranger Danger, Road Safety and Rules and Responsibilities.

This morning the children met the ‘Bee Safe’ character and learnt about the importance of keeping safe near dangerous places such as building sites. We discussed what Danger Signs mean and why we must follow rules and warnings near places that could be dangerous. 


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Nursery transition week

This week we have looked closely at bridges and tried really hard to create our own using different media. We met new children who will be starting in school with us in September and showed them the Nursery where we play. We had lots of fun outdoors in the sunshine and explored sports equipment and role play, using our imagination.

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Transition into Year One

This week we have had an amazing time transitioning into year one. We started our week by discussing and agreeing our class rules, rights and responsibilities. We then began thinking about the bridges we cross in our lives and where they lead us to. We looked at a mystery bridge and using a range of adjectives each wrote a description. During the middle of week we enjoyed independently making bridges in the early years provision. We made them in the water and explored transporting it from from end of the bridge to the other. We used bricks and other construction materials to make bridges to support our role play. We finished the week in year one with our final transition day. We worked hard to copy up our bridge descriptions, explored abstract geometric art by Mark Webster and used oil pastels to create our own representation. We have taken the first step in developing our new year one garden by weeding the flowerbeds ready to start planting our fruit and vegetables before summer.

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Sports, fun, learning and laughter.

This week Nursery did a fantastic job at their sports day. We had lovely weather and a great turnout in parents and carers supporting us. Thank you. I am so proud of the children in the amount of effort they put into every challenge we set them.
The children also continue to work hard in their learning right up until the end of term, but as always we make learning fun! So this week children have took part in a number quiz, where they had to match the number of smarties to their card to decorate their biscuit. Yummy!

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Following the Leader

This week I was a very proud teacher. My band of pirates were fantastic in the performance. They all looked great in their costumes and they worked so hard preparing their song and dance. I know the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part and it was a great experience for them.

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Maths Challenge Celebration

We have had a lovely evening at the Maths Challenge Celebration this evening. All of the children enjoyed taking part in a range of activities including bouncy castles, face painting and a very tricky treasure hunt designed by Mr Cooper. Thank you so much families for all of your support in helping your children to learn their times tables – keep going ready for the next challenge!

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It’s a jungle out there…

After weeks of practise, Year 4 are ready and excited to star in the end of year performance. They’re all characters from The Jungle Book.  Thank you to all the parents and carers for providing their lovely costumes. 

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