Simply the best…

Special Mention

Dear Phoebe,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing you a very special letter for the third time this year.

You have been chosen for a special mention and you should be super proud of yourself.

I have chosen you because throughout the year in Reception your learning and development has improved immensely. This is due to your passion, determination and your attitude to learning. You have a ‘can do’ attitude and will keep trying when you are faced with a problem and this makes me so super proud of you.

Well done Phoebe you are a true super star, keep up the superb work and amazing attitude to learning and I wish you the very best of luck in year one.

Best wishes Miss Newton and the Reception team.


Child of the Year

Dear Aaron,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing you this very special letter, you have been chosen as the Reception Child of the Year 2017 and you should be super proud of yourself.

I have chosen you for this very special award because it has been amazing to see how far you have come this year. You have a fantastic attitude and engagement to your learning and you are always ready to speak out and answer questions.

You have a great understanding of the rules and expectations of the school, you understand the consequences if these aren’t followed and you are never on the sanction board.

Throughout your year in Reception you have built some strong friendships with a group of friends and are liked by the other children and adults. You are a kind and caring young boy who shows empathy towards other children if they are upset, you play fairly and have regards to other children’s ideas and feelings.

Well done Aaron you are a true super star, keep up the superb work and amazing attitude to learning and I wish you the very best of luck in year one.

Best wishes Miss Newton and the Reception team.

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Bringing the seaside to Bank End…

Today in Early years we celebrated the end of our topic ‘Ship Ahoy’ by bringing the seaside to Bank End and what a day we had. The children were so excited when the arrived at school and saw donkeys on our playground. They had so much fun at all the activities we had including; a candy floss cart, face paints, ice cones, bouncy castle, ice creams, picnic and much more. The smiles on their faces were beaming, Well done Reception and Nursery all your hard work this term has made us super proud.
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Sports day, transitions and seaside fun day!

Wow! What a fantastic end to this week. I always think we have such busy weeks but this week has definitely won so far. We started off the week with the Summer fare, where children and families came into school to enjoy activities and stalls as a community. Wednesday was Early years sports day and the families supported this so well, children enjoyed every minute and worked so hard to show off their skills.

Thursday was the first of our transitions for older Nursery children to meet Miss Newton properly and ask her lots of questions about being in her Reception class next year. The children were so well behaved and asked some real good questions about toys, areas and lunch time.

Friday in Early Years we started the day with a little rain, which luckily soon stopped and we all had such a fantastic day for our superstar reward day. Donkeys, a bouncy castle, along with sweet treats, paddling pools and game fun were just some of the experiences for our youngest children in School. I am so proud of how they listened and chose activities independently on the key stage 1 playground, they really were a true credit to Bank end.

Thank you to all the children and staff for their hard work in preparation for and on this day. It really has been fabulous!

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 Reception this week…

…we have looked at how we can be a ‘safeguarding superhero’ and what we can do in school to keep each other safe and happy. We used the book ‘Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister to drive forward British Values; the four British values introduced to keep children safe and promote their welfare are: Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance. The book is best known for it’s morals about the value of being an individual; which fits in perfectly with Mutual Respect and Tolerance, the Rainbow Fish also learnt that being kind and sharing can make you happy which links to Democracy and Individual Liberty. During our Literacy sessions we researched each value and what we do in school to underpin them. 
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Keeping safe, having fun and working together.

This week in a Early years and I fact across the whole School it has been action packed. 
The Whole school production kept us busy with practices and the real thing on Wednesday, I’m sure you’ll agree that everyone tried so hard and they produced the best dance possible! I was so proud of them and thank them all for their efforts. Xx
Our Graduation assemblies ran smoothly on Thursday as we all congratulated each other on our transitions or hard work in Nursery and Reception.
Rainbow fish is our new story and the children have enjoyed the hooks into learning this week, learning about safety and British values. We have looked at democracy, having their own voice,  sharing, class and school golden rules and mutual respect, cheering each other on and listening to each other’s ideas. This has linked really well in getting the children to understand all about how we and you as their parents and carers take care of them and help to teach them.
As part of safeguarding week we have introduced an outdoor risk assessment so that children can look further into how we keep them safe at School. Children have been looking at each area outdoors and thinking about whether it is safe or unsafe. Can I also just take this opportunity to thank you for speaking to your children at home about safeguarding too as this has been apparent in class discussion. Children knew to hold hand and stop, look and listen to cross the road, they were able to talk about safety in the kitchen and then even thought of their own ideas such as staying away from bonfires.

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Parent’s, we shrunk your kids!

This week in Early years has been a scary and exciting one! As we have been looking closely at mini beasts, Professor Polly sent us some of her new shrinking spray to test out. The children were a little dubious at first but thoroughly enjoyed the adventures they took their mini me’s on afterwards. Children tried hard to write their own adventures and we got some fantastic photos of them exploring the Early Years environment. 
During group time we have been using objects from our environment to help us practice our counting skills, identifying numbers and matching these together, linking our understanding. Why not try this at home? Encourage your child to point to one item for each number as they are counting.

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Fun, fun, fun!

This week in Early years we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our environments. During an adult led session children used their senses to explore pebbles and shells. We used describing words to explain what we could see and feel and we also used them to count, exploring adding and sharing them with peers.
Indoors, children have supported their newer peers in exploring all provisions, Nursery and accept ion classrooms and outdoors. They have introduced new ideas for role play,acting out holiday experiences, adapting storylines and adding new characters. On Friday the children gained a special play on key stage 1 playground, using the fixed equipment and exploring space for their bikes, chalks and sports equipment.
Also this week our caterpillar chrysalis have started opening to reveal beautiful butterflies, ask your children to see what they can tell you about them; a great opportunity to see what they have learnt and use their new vocabulary.

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Reception Superstar and Attendance star

Dear Carter

It is with great pleasure that I am writing you this this very special letter, you have been chosen for this week’s super star and you should be really proud of yourself.

I have chosen you this week is due to your motivation to learn. You have shown real determination to do your best during focus activities and this has shown in the work you are producing. You are trying so hard with everything you do at school to better improve your learning. You appear more engaged in focused activities and are completing them to the best of your ability.

Well done Carter you are a true super star, keep up the superb work and amazing attitude to learning. Best wishes Miss Newton and the Reception team.


Attendance Star

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