This week in Y3…

…we have been learning about angles and using our bodies to make acute, right angles, obtuse and reflex.

Our hero was Kaitlyn Walker for always doing her BEST!

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Kelham Island Visit

The children had a fantastic time visiting Kelham Island museum today. They all looked fantastic in their evacuee costumes! They took part in a range of activities that helped them to understand what life was like living in England during the Second World War. They experienced an air raid in a shelter, trained to be Home Guard soldiers and fire wardens. As well as this the children found out what it would have been like to be evacuated to the countryside. The children represented Bank End brilliantly!

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Hard times

This week Y3 have had great fun learning about WW2 and dressing up as some of the children who became evacuees during this time. They were also given the opportunity to look carefully at a variety of artefacts from this particular time period.

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This week has been science week and as well as a visit from a real scientist (Professor Stirling), we also became scientist ourselves. In Y3 we had to produced an aeroplane that would glide along the playground and go the furthest. We also had a competition for the most creative In our classroom we have been looking at the inside of daffodils and were able to use magnifying glasses to get a better look. 

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The hero this week was Reigan Cavill and four children – Kaitlyn, Theo, Reigan and Dean – all received their spellings certificates.

We had lots of fun on World Book Day, when the children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite traditional story character. In the afternoon they also used their drama skills to retell the tale of Red Riding Hood. 

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This week Y3 have been measuring each other to find out how many metres and cms they were.

We will use this information to produce bar charts and generate questions. We have also been learning about internet safety and how we can keep safe online. Our hero was Katie-Lea.


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We looked at fractions and solved the problems by using a variety of resources that the children chose themselves.



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Dear Ocean,

What amazing news, that you have again been chosen to be our Class Hero this week.  I am really not surprised you have been chosen and the main reasons below are why:

You are are a true  friend to everyone around you and always happy to help anyone if they are finding things difficult whether in the classroom or out on the playground. Another reason,  is that you are always willing to try your best at everything  you do and present your work so beautifull. The other children in class also decided that you are amazing  because you are always able to demonstrate being a great role model  by bringing in your homework, learning your spellings and reading as much as possible. You are a true pleasure to have in class.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Barton

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