We have had an amazing week of smiles, cake and thankfulness  ! 

I have absolutely loved teaching this class of kind and amazing children 😀I wish you all a lovely happy Summer with your wonderful families ! Thank you all so much for your thoughtful cards and gifts. It has been a true pleasure to teach your children this year.
See you all in September!

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Worsbrough country fair

It was lovely to see our art work on display at the country fair, we felt really proud of our entries. Fingers crossed we’ve got a winner ! 


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This week year 4 have had a lovely time

… making panda pictures from natural materials. We were so proud to see them collaborating with each other in their groups as they worked out which materials to use and where best to put them. Brilliant team work year 4! 

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We have even designed our own safeguarding superheroes !  

Year 4 have been talking about what makes us feel safe and how we can keep ourselves safe as part of safeguarding week.

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Dear Libbi,

You were an obvious choice for class hero this week as we looked for children who really tried hard to make the right choices. We all know that in life it can be tough making the right choice every time and that is why at Bank End we have our sanction board. We hope that just a little reminder to make the right choice will set children back on track and help them to think about their behaviour really carefully.

You are one of those children who are very rarely on the sanction board but it is fair to say that if you do ever find yourself there, you are extremely quick to start fixing your mistakes and making it right again.

I absolutely love your infectious enthusiasm for life and the way you can make the whole class laugh with your giggles. You are putting lots of effort into your work and are an excellent role model for the rest of the class. Keep up the smiley hard work Libbi, it just shows that learning is fun!  

Massive Congratulations,

Love Mrs Barron

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Another amazing week for awards in Year 4!

Lots of children gaining pen licences, spelling certificates and swimming awards . Keep up the amazing dedication and hard work ! 
We have also been quizzing each other to gather data to create our own histograms in maths. The children showed they could really understand and interpret the data . 

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Dear David,

The challenge this week in school has been to improve our manners and show how polite we can be. Straight away, I knew that you were an obvious choice for hero. You always have impeccable manners, you never ever need reminding to say please and thank you and you set an amazing example to the rest of the class.

You speak in such a polite way to everybody, not just teachers but your friends as well and I think that is one of the reasons why you are so popular. People like to be near you and aspire to have your wonderful manners.

I remember way back in September when you first joined Year Four, you always stood out in class as the first person ready to listen or the first person to be tidied up and ready to go. These skills will hold you in good stead for the future as manners and good organisational skills are what every employer is looking for!

Keep up the amazing work David, you really do deserve the honour of class hero this week, I am so proud of you.

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Dear Demi,

You have really stood out from the rest of the class this week as I have looked for a hero who is continuously striving to improve and to grow their mind. It has been really clear for me to see the effort you have put into every subject, even when you find it difficult, you don’t ever settle for giving less than 100% effort. You have started checking your work more carefully for spelling errors, this is a great skill that everybody needs throughout life so keep it up!


In addition to your hard work in class, I really want to praise your caring and nurturing attitude towards the other children. You are always one of the first children to support anybody who is finding their work a little bit tricky and you are so patient and calm in the way you explain things. I honestly think you would make a great teacher!


Keep up this wonderful attitude to learning and caring for others Demi. You have all the qualities that we treasure here at Bank End and I am so proud to have you in my class.

Love Mrs Barron


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