Sports day, transitions and seaside fun day!

Wow! What a fantastic end to this week. I always think we have such busy weeks but this week has definitely won so far. We started off the week with the Summer fare, where children and families came into school to enjoy activities and stalls as a community. Wednesday was Early years sports day and the families supported this so well, children enjoyed every minute and worked so hard to show off their skills.

Thursday was the first of our transitions for older Nursery children to meet Miss Newton properly and ask her lots of questions about being in her Reception class next year. The children were so well behaved and asked some real good questions about toys, areas and lunch time.

Friday in Early Years we started the day with a little rain, which luckily soon stopped and we all had such a fantastic day for our superstar reward day. Donkeys, a bouncy castle, along with sweet treats, paddling pools and game fun were just some of the experiences for our youngest children in School. I am so proud of how they listened and chose activities independently on the key stage 1 playground, they really were a true credit to Bank end.

Thank you to all the children and staff for their hard work in preparation for and on this day. It really has been fabulous!

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