World Book Day

In reception to celebrate World Book Day and develop a love of books and reading we explored The Gruffalo’s Child by Julia Donaldson. We engaged with a variety of activities. The most popular activity was making the Gruffalo’s child stick man toy. We had to collect lots of twigs and stick, all of different length and thickness; these were places in our large tough spot tray. We loved developing our thinking skills when making these. We explored the materials available in our classroom which could be used for joining. We experimented using cellotape, glue, masking tape, string and wool. Another popular activity was making ‘split pin’ Gruffalos, however, once again we experimenting using resources to attach the different parts. While we discovered split pins did work we also found out that so do treasury tags, however, glue did not allow the arms and legs to move. Other activities included using pastels or watercolours to produce pictures of the characters and writing labels and sentences about both our stick men toys and the story itself. 

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