Red Nose Day

noseDear parents/carers,

On Friday 13th March it is Red Nose Day! To support this charity, we are holding a few fundraising events.

  1. Children can come dressed in their own clothes, with a donation of £1.
  2. Children can design a funny face to paint on their teacher. The best design in each class will be painted onto the teacher’s face for the day. Every design requires a donation of 50p. The design outline is on the reverse of this letter.
  3. Children can enter a ‘funniest selfie competition’.       There will be props in each classroom and a camera for children to take a ‘selfie’ with. The funniest one from each class will be posted on the school website. Every selfie taken requires a donation of 50p.

 Red noses are now on sale from the school office. They are £1 each.

Thank you for your continued support,

Kind regards,

Miss Wright

Year 6 Teacher – Assistant Headteacher

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