Star of the week…

logobankendDear Hamish,

WOW! I am so, so impressed with you Hamish! You have tried your absolute best to be chosen as star of the week and I am so proud that you have made it here today. You had made some very positive changes before the holidays and you have made this a new habit for yourself. Your behaviour has improved tremendously and you definitely deserve this very special mention.

I have always known that you are very clever but sometimes the choices that you have made have made it difficult for me to see exactly how clever you are. Now that you have a more positive learning attitude, I am seeing just how much you really do know and I am pleasantly surprised everyday by your contributions in class.

Your writing is always a pleasure to read Hamish. You have a certain flare when you write and your writing is imaginative and you always make it your own. This is a fantastic talent to have Hamish and especially at such a young age.

Finally, I would like to mention what a bubbly and wonderful member of our team you are. You make our class a fun place to be and I know that all your friends really love having you around. It was fantastic to be able tell your mum and dad just how well you are doing in school.

I know that you are trying so hard at school and I also know that you will keep up the good work.

I am so pleased that you are in Mo Farah house Hamish. You have learned us lots of house points this week for learning your times tables. You made us all so proud in assembly on Monday when you represented our class for ‘British Values Day’. What a superstar!

Lots of Love From

Miss Smith, Miss Nogowczyk and Miss Brear xxxx

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