logobankendDear Liliah,

Congratulations for being chosen as Year 1’s star of the week this week Liliah. You thoroughly deserve this special award and there are lots of reasons why!

The first reason I have chosen you this week is because of the effort you put into your learning every single day.  You always try your best every single day in every lesson that we do and you always put one hundred percent effort into your learning.

The second reason I have chosen you this week Liliah, is for your determination during guided maths. At the beginning of this half term you always used to wait for a teacher to help you with every step but over the last 5 weeks you have tried really hard to listen so you can have a go on your own.

Since the beginning of the year I have seen your confidence grow and grow! I feel very proud of you and I feel very lucky to be your teacher in Year 1!

Love from Miss Jones, Mrs Wood and Miss Cheetham x

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