Star of the Week

logobankendDear Ruby,

You have been an absolute super star this week and I am so, so proud of you. I had you in mind for star of the week since Monday Ruby and you have kept up the hard work and excellent attitude all week. You really are a role model to the other children in class both for your behaviour and your positive attitude towards your learning.

You have worked so hard this week and you have put 100% effort into the reading and maths that you have done in class. You have remembered lots of key skills and used them in different ways this week particularly in maths. This shows me that you have a really good understanding of your maths and number work Ruby and I know that you have felt really proud of yourself.

I would also like to mention how much effort you have put into phonics this week. I have heard you working with Ms Nogowczyk in class and I can hear that you are recognising sounds a lot more clearly now. I can also see this being applied when you write and this is just fantastic. Your handwriting is so beautifully neat and you take care and pride in everything that you do.

You have also made an effort with your homework and I am so, so pleased about this. I hope that you make this a good habit.

I absolutely love having you in class everyday Ruby and you really are a pleasure to teach. You are always polite and friendly and your behaviour is super. Everyone I talk to in school speaks fondly of you and we all really notice what a brilliant member of our school you are.

I know that you will keep up the good work Ruby.

Lots of Love From

Miss Smith and Miss Brear xxxx

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