Star of the Week

logobankendDear Xander,

Well done Xander on becoming our ‘Star of the Week’ this week. It was an easy decision for us to choose you as our star this week because you are such a superstar.

We love having you in our year three class as you are such an asset to us. You are constantly being a good role model to the rest of the class and the school. The way that you are always so polite and your fantastic manners impress me so much! You are a very mature little boy and I love having a conversation with you as you have so many interesting things to say.

I love how you always try to be your best self in everything that you do. In all different lessons you work so hard to listen and then apply what you have learnt. You work brilliantly independently but also as part of a team.

I have also been so impressed recently with how well you have been doing in Topic and French lessons. You are remembering an amazing amount of facts and information. I think it is brilliant how much new French vocabulary you are now able to use.

Well done on being such a Superstar, make sure you keep up the hard work and keep on shining brightly!

Lots of love, Miss Southwell, Miss Park, Mrs Forster and Miss Parrish.

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