Star of the Week

logobankendDear Gabriela,

Well done Gabriela on being chosen to be our star of the week!

This week it was an easy decision for me to choose you as our star of the week. You are such a lovely girl Gabriela and you have such a lovely attitude to life. I also love your sense of humour and enjoy hearing all the jokes and stories that you tell me.

One of the best things about you Gabriela, is the amount of effect and energy you put into everything that you do. Because you listen and concentrate so well, the work that you produce is well thought through and is lovely to look at. I love the way that you are always willing to share your ideas with the class and I feel that you are a brilliant role model to the rest of the class.

Recently I have been so impressed with how hard you have been trying in your French learning. You have really been enjoying your learning and are able to use lots of new French vocabulary.

You are an absolute superstar Gabriela and I am so pleased to have you in my class. You contribute so much to our class and we all know how wonderful you are. Thank you for being your best self. Keep up all the hard work and keep shining like the star that you are!

Lots of Love,

Miss Southwell, Miss Park, Miss Parrish and Mrs Forster.

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