Star of the Week

logobankendDear Zion,

Congratulations for being chosen this week as our star! There are so many reasons why I have chosen you this week, it’s difficult to know where to start!

The first reason I have chosen you this week Zion is because of your attitude to learning. You always try your best in all lessons and give one hundred percent effort with everything you do. This week you have worked in Mrs Woods’s group and she has said each day how you have tried so hard. Even if you have found something tricky, you have persevered and this is such a good skill to have at such a young age! You are a fantastic role model to the rest of the children in Year 1! Well done you!

Another reason I have chosen you this week is because of your kind, friendly personality. If anyone needs someone to talk to or play with you are always first to ask them if they are ok and to join in. You have such a big, warm personality and all the children and teachers love having you in our team in Year 1! Keep up the fantastic effort Zion and you will go far!

Love from Miss Jones, Mrs Wood and Miss Cheetham x

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