Run run as fast as you can!

This week we have been reading ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and have enjoyed a variety of activities.

In the writing area we have been writing shopping lists, recipes and instructions for making gingerbread biscuits. In the creative area we have been putting our fine motor skills to the test by designing and cutting out gingerbread men. We then made these into our very own gingerbread men stick puppets which we enjoyed using throughout the provision in our play. We have loved working at the malleable table this week using ingredients, large bowls and spoons together with the play dough to make gingerbread men before taking them to the role play area to cook them in the oven. We all enjoyed exploring feelings when we made different faces using biscuits, icing and smarties. They were yummy! When making our faces we had to do careful counting to ensure we had 6 smarties. Next week we will be looking at all the traditional stories we have been reading since September and choosing our favourite. What is your favourite traditional story?

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