Remember Remember the Fifth of November

This week in reception we are learning about bonfire celebrations and fireworks. We have had a very busy Monday. First we learnt about why we celebrate bonfire night and shared our own bonfire experiences. We decided to have our own bonfire celebrations together. First we had to wrap up warm and go collect twigs and sticks for our bonfire. We found lots of different sized twigs and went inside to begin building it in our role play garden ensuring it was safe and secure. During the afternoon we used yellow, red and orange paper to make flames to add to our bonfire. We were all excited about making chocolate apples. Yum yum! We loved sitting around the bonfire singing songs and eating our chocolate apples at the end of the day.

Throughout the day we made our own fireworks at the creative table while in the tough spot tray we explored making firework pictures using paint. We have been using lots of different coloured glass nuggets to create firework patterns at the numeracy table and enjoyed making our own pictures of fireworks using pencils, crayons and felt tips at the mark making table. At the letters and sounds table we have been working on firework sound words. We had to choose a word, find the correct alphabet letters to make the word and then write it on our whiteboards.

Wow! What a day!

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