Star of the Week

logobankendDear Pretty,

We are really pleased to see you up here today enjoying the limelight in this very special mention.

You really deserve to feel proud of yourself as you have returned to school in such a positive manner.

Since our arrival at Barnsley Academy, you have been trying so hard. Every member of staff has commented on how hard you are trying in every subject and how cheerful you are being around school.

You are working well in class and can be trusted to try your best in most of your work. You are working really hard to improve all of your Literacy skills: including writing in cohesive paragraphs, spellings, grammar, punctuation and reading. Planning paragraphs well is really helping you to achieve a more structured end piece of writing and this is a skill which we will continue to work on throughout the year.

During reading, you have been working on comprehension skills and applying your own ideas to answer more inference based questions. You are explaining whether you are enjoying a book and using extracts or character traits to justify your response. You have also enjoyed reading and finding out about The Victorians and this has been shown by your enthusiasm when producing your homework and discussions that we have had.

Maths is an area where you are keen to make progress. You always ask if you are unsure about a concept, which is a fantastic way to learn more and build solid foundations in your key skills.

Keep on trying your best, Pretty! We are really enjoying seeing you mature, smile and shine!

Best Wishes – Mrs Thorpe, Ms Blake, Mrs Scothern and Mrs Kirk

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