Dear Kyle,

Well done on being chosen as Year 2 Star of the Week! You absolutely deserve this very special mention and you have worked so hard for this. I am so proud of you Kyle and I have known all along that you could get there and feel the pride that you are feeling today.

First of all I would like to mention your learning. You are so, so clever Kyle and you never fail to amaze me with your knowledge and your ability to learn new skills. You love to learn and I know this because it is so obvious to see in class. You are inquisitive and very eager to learn. I know that I push you hard with your learning Kyle but this is because you CAN do it! You are working at a very high level and it is 100% the right thing to challenge you in every possible way. You rise to the challenge and you ALWAYS succeed in the end.

Your attitude towards your learning is amazing and I feel really proud of you always. You are a role model with your learning behaviour and I know that you are aware of what you are capable of.

Finally I want to mention what fantastic relationships you have with others in class. You are very popular and other children look up to you. As your teacher I feel really lucky to have you in my class. You are like a friend to me Kyle and I could chat with you all day. You have an excellent sense of humour and you make me smile so much.

You are an absolute pleasure to teach and I am so pleased that I have 2 full terms to get to know you even better.

Keep up the good work and the positive attitude Kyle. You will go far.


Lots of Love from

Miss Smith and Miss Brear xxx

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