Star of the Week

logobankendDear Paige,

It is no surprise to anyone that you have been chosen as Star of the Week this week. Your behaviour is always outstanding and you can be relied upon to make the right choices at all times. I think that you are a very responsible and caring little girl and it is an absolute pleasure to have you in class each day.

You try so hard with your learning and I can see that you have made progress in all areas already. You had a good basis to work from after leaving Year 1 and you have built on your learning to make yourself even better.

Your writing is always beautifully neat and the content of your work is brilliant. You have learned a new range of skills in writing this year and I can see you applying these skills every time that you write.

You are also brilliant at maths. You have worked very hard with place value this half term and I now know that you fully understand the number system. This will help you so much with calculations next half term.

You are a role model to the other children in our class and school Paige and we are very lucky to have you. I know that you will keep up the hard work and your fantastic attitude towards your learning.

Keep up the fantastic work

Lots of love from,

Miss Smith and Miss Brear xxx

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