Star of the Week

logobankendDear Bentlie,

We are really pleased to see you up here today enjoying the limelight in this very special mention.

You really deserve to feel proud of yourself as you have returned to school in such a positive manner.

Since our arrival at Barnsley Academy, you have approached everything with the level of maturity that you demonstrated throughout Year 4. You are trying to be a good role model, whilst still being able to enjoy yourself. You are developing a super sense of humour and you are showing that you can be a good friend to others. On our trip to Caphouse this week, you found some of the experiences challenging but you still remained sensible and enjoyed the experience.

You are working well in class and can be trusted to work to your full potential most of the time. Ms Blake is particularly impressed with how hard you are trying during your 1:1 writing time. You are also trying very hard to apply the skills from your 1:1 time in your independent writing and during Literacy sessions-keep this up, Bentlie. Mrs Scothern has also been impressed with how hard you are trying with your spellings.

When reading, it is important that you try to ‘magpie’ some of the fantastic verb chains and detailed description from the books that you are reading, and apply them in your writing. You are answering both literal and inference questions, when asked, and using examples to justify your thoughts.

Keep on trying your best, Bentlie! We are really enjoying seeing you mature, smile and shine!

Best Wishes – Mrs Thorpe, Ms Blake, Mrs Scothern and Mrs Kirk

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