Have you seen the big bad wolf?

This week in reception we have been reading the story of the three little pigs. During literacy we have been exploring lots of different reasons for writing including lists and posters. We have been helping the three little in a number if different ways. At the beginning of the week we helped by writing lists of building materials we will need to build the pigs a new home, we also invited the three little pigs to tea but needed to write a shopping list. By the end of the week we decided we needed to find the big bad wolf and started making wanted posters which included writing our letters correctly and sounding out words in order to make good attempts at writing them. Within the different areas of the provision we made lots of different objects for the three little pigs including houses, food and decorations for their new home.

During numeracy we continued to explore numbers. We have been recognising numbers, writing numbers and counting different amounts of objects. We have been intrigued by our new number area this week where we chose numbers and counting out that amount.

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