Star of the Week

logobankendDear Kaitlyn, 

Congratulations for being chosen as our first ‘Star of the Week’ this week! You thoroughly deserve this award and here are the many reasons why.

The first reason you are our star, is because of your consistent outstanding behavior. You always listen carefully to instructions, put your hand up when you want to share an idea and follow our class rules all the time. You are an excellent role model for all the children in Year 1. Well done for being so grown up right at the beginning of the year!

The second reason I have chosen you this week is because of your positive attitude to learning. You always try your best and put an enormous amount of effort into everything you do.  Your literacy, phonics and numeracy work this week has been brilliant and I can see that you want to keep challenging yourself further every lesson 

You are such a nice, caring, friendly person to have in our class Kaitlyn and Year 1 is such a nice place to be with you in it. I am so proud of you and I feel very lucky to be your teacher in Year 1! Keep up the fantastic effort and you will go far!

Love Miss Jones, Mrs Wood and Miss Parrish x

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