Star of the week

logobankendDear Billy,
What a superstar you have been! I have been so impressed with you ever since you started in Year 2. You have been a role model to the other children in the class and I could not have asked for anymore from you.
You try so hard with your learning and you give everything your best efforts. All the teachers in Year 2 are proud of you and we all notice just how sensible and reliable you are. You can be trusted to be doing the right thing at all times and this is one of the main reasons that I have chosen you as star of the week.
You ask some brilliant questions Billy and you always think really carefully before you do this. Your quiet hand is always high up in the air ready to answer questions at the carpet and this shows me that you are listening well always.
It is an absolute pleasure to have you in class every day Billy. You are kind and friendly and you make me smile so much.

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