Star of the Week

logobankendDear Reigan,

Congratulations for being chosen this week as our star! You thoroughly deserve this award and here are the many reasons why.

The first reason I have chosen you this week Reigan is because of your attitude towards learning. You always contribute to class discussions and try your best during independent activity time. I can already see progress in your writing in just a couple of weeks and this is because you listen so well and look at your new target each day. Your reading is fluent and your confidence to read to the rest of the class is growing daily.

I have also chosen you this week because you are such a kind, considerate and caring young girl. Whenever anyone is upset you always look after them and try to cheer them up and make them smile again. You are an outstanding role model to all the children in Year 1 and the other children really do look up to you.

I feel so lucky to be your teacher in Year 1 and our class is such a nice place to be with you in it. Keep up the fantastic effort and keep shining like the star you are!  

Love from Miss Jones, Mrs Wood and Miss Cheetham x

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