Star of the Week

logobankendDear Josh,

Well done Josh on becoming our first ‘Star of the Week’ this year. It was an easy decision for us to choose you as our star because you have been a fantastic asset to our class since the first day.

Every day you come into school in a quiet and calm manner and you are able to be a role model to the other children in our class. You always put in 100% effort in every lesson that you do and I can see how hard you try, even when you come across something tricky.

One of the best things about you Josh, is your lovely manners. You are always so polite and speak to adults and children in a respectful manner. All week you have been trying hard to contribute to the class discussions by listening in a respectful way and voicing your opinion. You also always listen to and follow every instruction given and are kind and helpful around the classroom.

You are always being the best that you can be and I am so excited that I have you in my first class at Worsbrough Bank End.

Lots of love, Miss Southwell, Miss Clancy, Miss Park and Miss Cheetham.

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