Child of the Year

logobankendDear Declan

Congratulations! I am delighted that Y4 have chosen you as our Child of the Year! You really deserve this award. Since you arrived at Bank End, you have impressed everyone with your fantastic learning attitude and your perseverance. Your behaviour and manners are always excellent.

As you know, the children in Y4 discussed the qualities that a Child of the Year should have. They agreed that the Child of the Year should be a role model, and someone who respects others, listens carefully and tries hard. These are some of the comments made about you:

“Declan always tries his best – he never gives up.”
“Declan is a good friend, because he is loyal and honest. He shows respect to everyone.”
“Declan always does his homework and remembers to bring his PE kit and guitar.”

I definitely agree with all of these comments Declan, and so do all the other adults who have worked with you this year. You have made incredible progress in all areas of the curriculum, including level 4 in maths and your 50m badge for swimming! If you keep up this amazing learning behaviour, you will be able to achieve anything you want! I am so proud of you and what you have achieved this year, and I know that your family will be too.

Well done, Declan! We love having you on our team!

Best wishes
Mrs Thorpe and everyone in Y4

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