Special Mention Year 4

logobankendDear Harvey,

 We are really pleased to see you up here today enjoying the limelight in this very special mention.

You really deserve to feel proud of yourself as you are trying so hard to improve in your reading, writing and mathematics work.

All staff throughout school have noticed how your behaviour and attitude to learning have improved this week. You have used your manners, shown an interest in all your learning, made the right choices about who you have sat with and maintained focus throughout your lesson.

In Guided Reading, you are answering questions using quotes from the text to back up what you are thinking. You are also answering questions much more during group and whole class sessions-Keep this up, Harvey!

In Mathematics, you are trying very hard to improve with your mental maths strategies. You are asking Mrs Kirk for more difficult questions, as you are working harder, so that you can achieve your success criterion and attempt the challenge.

We know that we can trust you to keep on trying your best and feeling that fantastic sense of achievement!

Keep on trying your best Harvey! We are really enjoying seeing you mature, smile and shine!

Best Wishes – Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Kirk, Miss Harrison and Miss Wawrosz

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