logobankendDear Taimah,  

I am so, so proud of your behaviour and your positive attitude this week. Although our class have been working hard on being a good tea,, I know that you already know what it means to be a role model and to be an excellent team member. You are kind and caring towards your friends and you brighten up the day for us with that gorgeous smile and your brilliant sense of humour.

You have shone out like a star with your learning this week and you put 100% effort into everything that you do. Even when you find something tricky, you still keep going and you are confident to ask for help when you need it. You have been a super star in your maths and you have worked very hard with me on working out change when working with money. You have shown skill in the methods that you have used and I know that you are becoming much more familiar with coins and there values.

Your handwriting has improved so much. Your writing is now beginning to show correct joins and it is just the perfect size. I know that you have worked hard on improving this and your determination is definitely paying off.

You are definitely ready to be a year 3 Taimah and I know that you will continue to shine at this school. Keep up the hard work. Well done! You really deserve to feel proud1

Lots of love from,

Miss Smith x x x x x

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