Star of the Week

logobankendDear Declan, 

First of all I just want to say how proud I am of you. You have been chosen as our star of the week for lots of reasons that I am sure you know about.

I love it when you are in school because you work really hard and this really shows in your books.  This week your writing has shown some excellent progress. You have used conjunctions to write compound sentences and I can tell that you have really enjoyed inventing the dinosaur playground.

As you know, this week has been a bit different to normal. You have worked so, so hard on the maths and reading papers that we have been doing and you have really thought about which skills you have needed in order to answer them correctly. You have kept calm and carried on even when you have found it difficult.

Our class is working towards the reward of a pyjama day. You are really contributing to the class being successful in gaining this reward Declan as you are kind and respectful to your peers. We really are lucky to have you on or team.

I really couldn’t be more proud of you Declan. You have been amazing this week. Well done!

Lots of love from, Miss Smith x x x x x

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