Star of the Week

logobankendDear Kaisha

I am delighted to choose you as our Star of the Week! 

This week you have been a fantastic role model for our class as you have shown outstanding learning behaviour and have been extremely sensible during all activities. You listen carefully, complete all your work and ask sensible questions that show you have understood your task and want to develop your understanding further. 

You have worked exceptionally hard on your maths this week and have taken real pride in learning new skills and using them in your work.

In your writing you have worked really hard to meet all your targets and wrote a fantastic story about tiger in the style of Caroline Pitcher.

Keep up the great work, Kaisha.  You set high standards for yourself, and this is a great example to others!

Congratulations, Kaisha!  Everyone in Y3 is very proud of you, and we love having you on our team!

Best wishes

Miss Millard and Mrs Blake 

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