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logobankendDear Jake, 

As you know, you joined our team brand new this year so you have had lots of changes and new things to get used to. When you first started, you were a little bit shy and quiet and I was unsure how you felt about joining our class. Over the past few weeks with us, you have really come out of your shell and you look like you are really enjoying school. I can see that you are happy and you always have a huge smile on your face and that always cheers everyone up.

You have a much more positive attitude towards your learning now Jake. You used to give up on things really quickly when you found that it was challenging. Now, you are really embracing challenges and trying your absolute best with your work. I can see the progress that you have made with your writing and I am so, so proud of you. I can tell that you feel really proud too.

I know that you really enjoy maths lessons and you have shown many skills in this area. I always look forward to working with you as you try really hard when working as part of a group. I have even seen you helping others in maths and that is because you know it so well.

Well done Jake! You are a wonderful member of our Year 2 team and it is an absolute pleasure to have you in class. Keep up the good work.

Lots of love from, Miss Smith x x x x x

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