Being Bossy can be GREAT!

For the next two weeks, our text type is instructions. This means that we will be writing sets of instructions in order to tell the reader HOW to do something. To get us warmed up and to remind us of what we know already, we did a micro activity this week. We made jam on toast. This activity only took us 5 minutes and from doing this we were able to write a very detailed set of instructions. To write our instructions we had to:

  •  Think of an appropriate title
  • Use sub-headings – to list the equipment needed
  • Use numbering to order the steps
  • Use imperative verbs (bossy verbs)
  • Use time words
  • Use adverbs to say HOW to do the action
  • Add a diagram to help visually aid the instructions

We then took our instructions home to share with our families. We might even ask the grown-ups to help us make the yummy snack again at home.

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