Star of the Week

logobankendDear Mckenzie

I am delighted to choose you as our Star of the Week! 

 You always listen carefully, you ask sensible questions which show that you understand your task, and you always try your best. 

The enthusiasm you show for everything we do is fantastic!   You put 100% effort into every task, and you make helpful suggestions so that everyone can do their best.  You are a great team member, treating everyone with kindness and respect, and you also have a great sense of humour and a friendly smile. 

All of this makes you a fantastic role model, Mckenzie.  You are always cheerful and positive, and your behaviour shows that you really care about other people.

Congratulations, Mckenzie!  Everyone in Y3 is very proud of you, and we love having you on our team!

Best wishes

Ms Blake

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