Star of the Week

logobankendDear Jimi,

We are really pleased to see you up here today enjoying the limelight in this very special mention. 

You really deserve to feel proud of yourself as you are trying so hard to improve in your reading, writing and mathematics work.

In Mathematics you are trying so hard to listen carefully to instructions and trying your best to complete the task.  You have tried your best on the maths test this week and this has been reflected in your progress.

In Reading, you are trying hard to answer questions about the book you have read and sounding out much more. Mrs Haigh is really pleased with you!

In writing, you are trying very hard with your presentation and sentence structure, checking that each sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.  You are also trying hard in your work with Miss Wawrosz, especially with the speed of your writing.

We know that we can trust you to keep on trying your best and feeling that fantastic sense of achievement!

 Keep on trying your best, Jimi!  We are really enjoying seeing you mature, smile and shine!

Best Wishes – Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Dever, Miss Harrison, Miss Wawrosz and Mrs Haigh

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