Star of the Week

logobankendDear Harry, 

Since you have come back to school after the Christmas break you have made some really positive changes Harry. You are now trying really hard to listen and stay focused in class and this has had a positive impact on your work. Being on the sanction board is now a rarity for you as you have made the right choices to always be your best self.

I have loved working with you on your writing this week Harry. You have shown me just how much you understand the components of writing to write a perfect paragraph. Using prepositions has come naturally to you this week and you have done this so well. I have been excited to mark your book after school as I have just known to expect high quality, well thought through sentences that make a brilliant setting description.

Ms Nogowczyk has commented on just how engaged and determined you have been in maths this week. She was so impressed with the amount of focus you have given your maths work this week and has said that you have worked quickly, quietly and independently when working out addition calculations using money.

I know that the new, improved Harry is here to stay! Well done, it is a pleasure to have you on our team.

Lots of love from, Miss Smith x x x x x

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