Special Mention


logobankendDear Jasmine,


We are really pleased to see you up here today enjoying the limelight in this very special mention. 


You really deserve to feel proud of yourself as you are trying so hard to improve in your writing and mathematics work.


Having joined the Year 4 class – The Determined Dragons last Monday, you have been an eager and enthusiastic member of the group.  You are trying very hard in everything that you do.  You have settled well into the school routines and have made many new friends.  You always use good manners and you are polite around school.


 In Mathematics you are enjoying the work on fractions, and you are thinking about how to find several parts of an amount.  You are also talking about what you are learning and using the correct vocabulary.


In Guided Reading, you are keen to answer questions and give your opinion on why something is happening.  Keep this up!  You also answered questions well during our workshop on Wednesday.


We know that we can trust you to keep on trying your best and feeling that fantastic sense of achievement!


 Keep on trying your best Jasmine!  We are really enjoying seeing you mature, smile and shine!


Best Wishes – Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Dever, Miss Harrison and Miss Wawrosz


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