Star of the Week

logobankendDear Arron, 

First of all I just want to say how proud I am of you. You have been chosen as our star of the week for lots of reasons that I am sure you know about.

You are such a pleasure to have in the class Arron. You are always really smiley and happy and you really have an impact on the positive mood in our class. You make our classroom a friendly and welcoming place to be and our team is extremely lucky to have you in it. You work so hard towards working towards our friendship reward and this has been noticed by all members of staff working in our team.  

You try really hard with your learning Arron. In particular, your efforts in writing have been noticed this week. Your handwriting is beautiful now and you have really impressed me with how you can use a range of conjunctions to write much more developed compound sentences. You are also beginning to understand how to use adverbial phrases in your writing to tell the reader when something happened. You have been a writing Super Star!  

Your contributions to the Christmas Performance have also not gone un-noticed you lead your team of soldiers really well in that scene and your efforts in singing have really shone out to me. I bet your mum and dad will be really proud when they see you up there on the stage next week Arron. I myself, am so, so proud of you. Keep shining and smiling!

Lots of love from, Miss Smith x x x x x

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