Special Mention

logobankendDear Mollie

I am delighted to choose you as our Star of the Week! 

The way you organise your guided reading team when you are the leader is amazing!  You know exactly what to do, and you explain so clearly that everyone else does too.  You make sensible decisions about how much to read, and how to read, and you encourage everyone to use the SPEC skills.  The questions that you ask show that you have really understood what you have read, and this helps others to understand it more clearly too.  You ask and answer literal questions and you know how to find the answers in the text.  Because of your fantastic reading behaviour, your reading level is improving all the time.

All of this makes you a fantastic role model, Mollie.  Congratulations!  Everyone in Y3 is very proud of you, and we love having you on our team!

Best wishes

Ms Blake, Mrs Warfield, Mrs Forster and Mrs Siddons

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