Star of the Week

logobankendDear Macey,

We have been very impressed with your effort. You have really focussed on your learning and tried hard to do your best

We have noticed how well you have been listening during our class carpet times. You have been able to answer questions that have been asked and have also been starting to ask your own. It is clear from your work that you have been listening well and have applied your learning too. We are sure that, if you continue to keep up this good learning behaviour, you will carry on learning as quickly as you have been doing.

This year you have continued to be ready to land a hand to others. Whenever someone needs help with anything, you are always one of the first to volunteer. Your helpfulness is a wonderful team member quality to have.

Well done, Macey.

With best wishes from

Mrs. Dever, Mrs. Thorpe, Miss. Harrison and Mrs. Haigh

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