Y3/4 Visit to the Yorkshire Museum

The children in Y3 and Y4 had a fantastic trip to York this week!  We visited the Yorkshire Museum to find out more about the Tudors.   First we walked through lovely gardens, where we saw some very friendly squirrels!  In the museum we met Mistress Martha who showed us the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey.  We looked at the fascinating artefacts in the museum, and we took part in three activities:  we were shown some artefacts from Tudor times which were so precious that we had to wear special gloves to handle them; we looked at some illuminated writing and found out that all books were written by hand; and we learned how to lay the table for a Tudor banquet.  The children said:

“Rich Tudor people drank out of silver cups.  I didn’t know that poor Tudor people had to share their drinks!”

“I liked looking at the jewellery in the museum.   I saw a precious stone that’s worth more than seven million pounds!”

“The museum was awesome!  I liked the part about Henry VII and Henry VIII.”

“The swords and the armour were amazing!”

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