Star of the week

logobankendDear Elanor,   

What can I say Elanor? You are a star! You make me feel so very proud to be your class teacher. You are such a beautiful, polite and hard working girl and I am so pleased with your effort this half term.

First of all, I want to talk about your maths work. You have already made progress in maths since starting in Year 2 and you really seem to have a deep understanding of the place value of numbers. You are able to say how many thousands, hundreds, tens and ones are in numbers and you are also able to add to these numbers successfully. You can then use this knowledge to order and compare numbers and you have absolutely no problems with this. Your sound knowledge of place value has put you in a really good place ready for next half term as it will help you so much when we move on to calculating. 

Your writing is also fantastic. I know that you completely understand the components of sentences and I know that you have the skills to improve simple and compound sentences all on your own. Your writing is exciting to read and it is always well thought through and written in the most beautiful handwriting. You will have your pen licence in no time. I know it!

Keep up your hard work Elanor. You really are a role model in our class and I can rely upon you to do the right thing at all times. I am so lucky to have you in the class.

Lots of love from,

Miss Smith x x x x x

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