Welcome back

20130903-184237.jpgDear Year 2,

First of all, I would just like to say, how delighted and excited I am to be your new class teacher. I know all of you already as we have met several times as part of transition but I really cannot wait to get to know you all much, much better. The ETA’s working in Year 2 this year are Ms Nogowczyk, Miss Ward and Miss Parkin and they are also really eager and pleased to be working with you.

This term, in Year 2, our creative theme is ‘Treasure’. I bet you can guess that this means that we will be learning all about pirates and the oceans.
Throughout this theme we will be learning a multitude of skills. As historians we will be researching and discovering facts about life for pirates. We will find out what life was like as a hard-working member of the crew and as a fine Captain of a ship.

As artists we will be creating piratey masterpieces such as pencil sketches of ships and swords and clay sculptures of pirate busts.

As designers we will be designing and making pirate effects such as clothes.

Through geography we will learn map reading skills and be able to use and create a key of our own. We will develop these skills even further in maths as we will use coordinates to go on treasure hunts and direct our friends to different locations.

On Monday 9th September 2013 our class will be having a pirate themed day. It would be absolutely amazing if you could all come to school that day dressed as pirates so that we can really get into role and have a wonderful time together. Your class teachers will be dressed up on this day so let’s see if you can impress us with your dressing up!

I am so looking forward to spending this next year with you and I just know that we will learn, laugh and grow together.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Miss K Smith (Year 2 teacher)

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