Special Mention

logobankendDear Jay, 

Well done for being chosen as the first star of the week in Year 2. This very special mention is fully well deserved as you have shone out like a shining star since the moment you stepped foot into our classroom.

I know that it can be very scary starting a new year at school as there are lots of changes and differences. Even I was feeling nervous about starting a new year with a brand new class but as soon as the new year began I was immediately put at ease. You in particular, helped me to feel welcome and safe as part of the Year 2 team.

Your class have been a team now for over three years as you have had your learning journey together all the way through the early years. I had to join your team last week and you made me feel welcome at once. You are so polite and friendly Jay and your warm, beautiful smile is noticed by everyone.

You have come back to school with a fantastic attitude towards your learning. You are ready to learn and listening at all times. You are using your thinking brain everyday and you are always ready to engage and become involved during lessons. I can rely on you at all times to be a role model to others in the class. You are responsible and can be trusted with special jobs in the classroom.

I just know that you will continue to be a star Jay and I look forward to spending the rest of the year as your teacher.

Lots of love from, Miss Smith x x x x x

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