Life on Board a Pirate Ship…

This week for our Literacy hook the children in Year 1 pretended to they were pirates on board a pirate ship. Whilst on the pirate ship the children pretended to be part of the crew and undertook various jobs including sweeping the deck, steering the pirate ship and walking the plank.

In Literacy the children have been writing recounts about what it is like on board a pirate ship. They have been trying to include Daffy Duck words and time words in their writing.

In Science this week we have been looking at similarities and differences between each other. The children drew self-portraits of themselves using a mirror. At the end of the lesson we all came together to compare hair and eye colours. Together as a group we then made a pictogram. First we looked at hair colour, and then we looked at eye colours. The children were really good at reading the pictogram to locate information quickly about our class.

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