Goodbye Letter from Miss Hardman

Dear Year 1, 

I have had a fantastic day with you all today which has been a great way to say good bye after spending almost two years together.  

You have been a brilliant class and I have enjoyed being on your learning journey with you all.  Lots of you have made outstanding progress which shows just how hard you have worked this year.  Thank you for trying so hard with every challenge that I have presented you with.  Well done for not giving up even when it has been tough. 

Well done if you know that you have shown your best self this year – you should feel extremely proud!

Miss Smith has a great class coming to her in September full of lots of different characters.  I am sure that she too will feel the same way about you all that I do.  This is certainly not a final good bye because I will be popping in to see you whenever I can and asking Miss Smith how you are getting on.  

Good luck to you all for the future and remember that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.  Aim high because I know that you can all make an amazing life for yourselves.  Only you can change things and make things happen.  

‘Whatever you do, wherever you go, always be your best self.’

Enjoy the summer holidays everyone and have a well-deserved rest ready for Year 2 in September. 

Lots of love, 

From Miss Hardman   x  x  x

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