Star of the Week


Dear Lexi,

I am so excited that you are star of the week today. You really deserve this very special award and there are lots of reasons why.

Lexi, youreally are such a pleasure to have in our class team. Every morning is brightened up by your smiley happy face. You have such a kind and friendly nature and you really welcome everybody into our class so warmly. You love to play and work with others and you do this is such a calm and positive way.

I am so happy that I can finally give this award to you. I know you have waited so long for this and I know how hard you have worked these past few weeks. Recently I have noticed how you are trying much harder to show your best listening always. This was something that you used to find tricky but now you are doing so much better with. You are putting lots of effort into sitting sensibly at learning time and showing respect to the person speaking to you. You are also concentrating more when you are learning by yourself and are now able to complete short learning tasks and activities with little or often no support.

Well Done Lexi.  I hope you feel really proud of yourself today and the achievements you have made. This is just the beginning for you, as you get ready to become a grownup year one I just know you have even more to give. Keep going Lexi, you can do it!


Love Mrs Low x

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