Star of the Week

Star---Smiling-3Dear Prince,

I am so excited that you are star of the week today. You really deserve this very special award and there are lots of reasons why.

Prince, you really are such a valued and loved member of our class team. You are such a good friend to others and treat everybody with so much kindness and respect. You have such a happy and friendly nature and your big smile always brightens up every day in Reception. You are always calm and sensible and show lovely manners which is brilliant role model behaviour for others to follow. You have a really caring nature and we are so lucky to have someone like you in our team, you really do make our class and our school an even nicer place to be.

Recently I have also noticed how you are starting to try harder to join in with discussions at learning time. You always have such interesting thoughts and ideas that we would just love to see more of this – come on Prince you can do it!

Well done Prince. I hope you are feeling very proud of yourself for such a fantastic award. Thank you for being such a good friend to everybody in Reception. I’m sure that you still have so much more to give and I am so excited about the achievements you will continue to make.


Love Mrs Low x

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