Star of the Week

Star---Smiling-3Dear Connor,

I am so proud to say that you are star of the week in Year 2 this week Connor. You have earned this very special mention for lots of reasons. I know that you have been working really hard to try and earn this all week and I just know that you will keep up the good work.

You have come back after the holidays with a really mature attitude. You are now able to make the right choices in our class to ensure that you are able to be your best self. I know that this can be very hard because it is always nice to spend time with your friends both inside and out of class. However, making this choice has allowed you to get on with your work sensibly and has allowed you to be succcessful. Well done!

Your writing that you have done in the style of Allan Ahlberg has been fantastic! You have made the story your own but have copied his style to make it sound funny. I also really loved the small illustrations that you addded to your writing.

You are a very pleasant and polite member of the class Connor and you deserve recognition for this. I am so, so pleased that you have been able to turn your behaviour around. Keep up the fantastic, hard work Connor.

Lots of Love From,

Miss Smith

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